Every Diamond has its own beauty and character, and over the years we have come up

with our own house standards for our collections.


The more colourless the diamond, the rarer it is. For our collections, B.P de Silva exclusively selects stones of the highest colour categories D,E and F.


Refers to the number, size, nature and position of inclusions (internal and external imperfections) in the diamond. A diamond is considered flawless if no flaw can be seen under 10x magnification.


B.P de Silva selects the clearest diamonds that are free from any black inclusions and are from the categories ranging from FL (Flawless) to VS1 (Very Slightly Included).


The weight of a diamond is expressed using the international standard unit of measure called the carat weight. One carat is equal to 0.2grams. For it’s central stones, B.P de Silva uses diamonds from 0.5 carats and above.


A diamond’s cut refers to its shape, proportions and facet positions.

B.P de Silva’s expert gemologists only select diamonds that are said to have an ideal cut.

An ideally cut diamond works like a mirror: it captures the light and reflects it from facet to facet before finally sending it through the top portion of the diamond (also known as the crown) to the viewer’s eye.

B.P de Silva seeks the perfect cut that best reveals the sparkle and brilliance of the stone as it’s the precision of the cut that brings out the inherent beauty of the gemstone. Only “excellent” and “very good” cuts are selected.


Apart from the technical aspects of the diamond grading, B.P de Silva has an appreciation for gemstones and diamonds inherent appeal. Much like people, sometimes there is just that something special about the way they speak, look at you, that calls out to you. Our favourite question when helping a customer determine a gemstone of their liking is, “does it sing to you”. B.P de Silva takes time to appreciate and observe the elegance of the gem shape, measure the highest scintillation potential and consider that pairing for the bespoke design.