It all starts with intentions. At B.P. de Silva Jewellers, we don't want our values to just be words on a wall, but a constant compass in our decision making that ensures a continued refinement of our company and our understanding so that we may serve in a meaningful and special way.

Responsible Metal Sourcing 


73% of our gold in our jewellery collection comes from a vertically integrated supplier of precious metals in Switzerland called PX Precinox. 

PX Precinox adheres to the Responsible Jewellery Council Code of Practices, an international standard of responsible environmental, social and ethical practices that respect human rights, and which are integrated into a process that guarantees the traceability of production across the entire chain.


We are proud to share that 100% of our gold purchasing for our jewellery collections was sourced from Precinox's "Impact Gold" line which supports mercury-free artisanal mining and community development in rural areas of Peru.


New collections are made 100% in Precinox Impact Gold, and by the end of 2020, our goal is to offer the option for even bespoke jewellery to be made in Impact Gold to offer our customers a more sustainable alternative to our designs.


Our goal for the end of 2021 is to transition to having both our collections and bespoke jewellery made entirely with Precinox's Impact Gold.

Responsible Diamond Sourcing



76% of our Diamonds purchased in 2018 are bought through Kimberly Certified suppliers.


100% of Diamonds were bought through Kimberly Certified suppliers.


We continue to purchase 100% of our Diamonds through Kimberly Certified suppliers and have the goal to identify 3 to 5 sustainable sources of Diamonds from vintage jewellery for a collection launch mid 2021. The idea is to breathe new life into Diamonds sourced from vintage jewellery to support an even more sustainable alternative to Kimberly Certified Diamonds that is rich with history and old world charm that has minimal environmental impact.

Responsible Labour


People are at the core of our business, and we have made a commitment to support positive, healthy and safe working environments for our entire supply chain.


We sent out an official supplier code of conduct which ensures accountability of our partners and suppliers to conduct a business of integrity that respects the fundamental human rights and the dignity of all individuals they deal with as well as to minimise the detrimental environmental impacts of its business practices. 


This year, our goal is to continue to send out our supplier code of conduct to any new suppliers and in addition to last years efforts as well as to diversify our network of partners to include more strategic women-led businesses, Upon an internal audit in 2019, we noticed that none of the companies we currently work with were women owned or led like ours, and it is our goal to support like minded and business competitive women in our industry and introduce 2 to 5 strategically compatible, women owned companies to our list of active suppliers by the end of 2020.

Community Support 

"We rise by lifting others" - Robert Ingersoll

Since the time of establishment, B.P's has always supported various causes where we could. From year 2018, we have formally pledged to donate at least 2% of all sales (not profit or "proceeds") every year to non-profits that share our core values of integrity, respect and compassion.


2019 was no exception with the 2% being donated to both Daughter's of Tomorrow as well as the Community Chest Singapore.

In 2020, we look to continue making meaningful impact by donating 2% of our revenue to causes close to our hearts that support our local community especially through this challenging year. 

“We may be small, but just keep striving to improve the things unseen that truly matter. One day, who knows, we become a beacon, maybe even a tipping point for the industry to inspire change for the better. Whether we fail or succeed, it is that very spirit of the journey that's a legacy worth leaving behind.”

Navin, Great-grandson of B.P de Silva